New Caledonia, a rich culture

Art in New Caledonia

In New Caledonia, various artistic movements cohabit, reflecting the country’s historical heritage and cultural influences. Native kanak art is as vibrant as it’s ever been. From art galleries to walls on the street, the local artistic expression is very much alive and present.


Gastronomy in New Caledonia

Palm trees, pristine lagoon and white-sand beaches…not only will you love New Caledonia’s postcard-perfect settings but you will fall in love with the island’s unique gastronomy. You will savor a daring fusion cuisine that is intensely flavorful and surprisingly varied. From restaurants to delicatessen boutiques and guesthouses, gourmets will be thrilled.


Cultural heritage in New Caledonia

New Caledonia’s architectural heritage dates back to the colonial era. Discover charming period homes -vestige from the penal colony- or beautiful Catholic and Protestant churches that illustrate the local history of missionaries. Learn about the main influences that have shaped New Caledonia’s culture: the colonial era, nickel mining and its booming development, the penal colony.


The Tjibaou Cultural Centre

Opened some twenty years ago, on the 4th fo May, 1998, the Tjibaou Cultural Centre welcomes all the Caledonian communities, as well as vistors from all over the world to discover the charms and nuances of the rich and diverse Kanak cultural heritage.